About Us

Our story began by two sport professionals, Lisa Julie and Oussama JAOUID, and their interest in fitness. They developed the “ICONEVE HIPS TRAINER”. This fitness tool gained a lot of popularity due to its versatile, simple and efficient exercise possibilities.

Our objective is to act as an innovative fitness equipment manufacturer that motivates people to be physically active and inspire them for healthy living. Our business is based on innovativeness, reliability, high quality and customer-oriented approach. We value continuous personal development and maintaining professional skills. We are constantly searching for trends and bringing new ideas to the markets. Our values and passion for exercise and fitness are reflected in our business. We have common goals with our customers: to live a holistic healthy lifestyle, find various and simple ways to move and train efficiently and HAVE A BEAUTIFUL NATURAL PHYSIQUE.

There is a huge amount of know-how that we wish to share to our customers in order for them to train more efficiently and to achieve their goals more likely.

The idea is to support people in all life situations to achieve long-term personal goals and healthier lifestyle. The reputation of our company improve at the same timethat our customers feel better.

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